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While most of today’s widely used file hosters have a more or less subtle design to be as inconspicuous as possible – after all, too many of them often face media scandals, local governments and threats – Filejoker works differently.

When you enter the domain, you end up with a modern, attractively designed website that offers little information about yourself with the exception of an FAQ. To learn how Filejoker uses itself, one must register. The idea, which is also immediately conveyed by the already mentioned FAQ: This is not a legal grey area and also not a filesharer à la BitTorrent, but a professional and serious service that takes special care of the security and privacy of its users.

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Using Filejoker is also possible for free, but even the creation of such an account forces the setting of payment options. Unregistered users cannot even access the website, but can only download files from filejoker links with severe restrictions.

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Enrollment process

As already mentioned the registration on Filejoker requires the setting of a payment option. This will of course only be used if the user switches to a premium account, the only paid element of Filejoker. Regarding account data, only an email address and a password are required.


Uploading a file works as usual: Either by FTP this method Filejoker Premium Account recommends all users for general use or alternatively as remote or web upload. Unlike many other file hosters, Filejoker Premium Account does not differentiate between downloaded and uploaded files. Neither the allowed download speed nor the maximum allowed file size, the operation of the interface or other parameters differ between the two processes. This prevents one user from uploading a file that cannot be accessed by another user of the same account type.

Filejoker Premium Account Types

GuestRegisteredPremium User  
Download speedStrongly limitedlimitedunlimited
Simultaneous downloadsMaximum 1Maximum 1Unlimited
Maximum file size2 GB2 GBunlimited
Cloud StorageNot available50 GBunlimited
Waiting time before download2 minutes90 secondsnone
Encryption and protection of dataincludedincludedincluded
Free Smartphone AppNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Captcha before downloadobligatoryobligatoryoptional
Download ManagerNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Pausing and Resuming DownloadsNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable


The premium account at Filejoker is activated for a certain period of time with a one-time payment; as a result, it must be renewed more often or less frequently, depending on the amount. Prices range from $15 for 30 days to $90 for a year. As a middle way between these extremes, $35 is also available for 90 or $60 for 180 days. These prices are constantly fixed and generally do not change; FileJoker Premium Account has never offered a discount or similar reductions before.


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Payment options

Since Filejoker attaches great importance to security, all payment options have been chosen mainly with this criterion in mind. For example, you will find a selected list of particularly secure credit cards, first and foremost VISA, as well as of course the traditional bank transfer. Payment by Bitcoin is also possible. In fact, every user who pays with this crypto currency is even given a small bonus of additional account usage. With so-called Altcoins, i.e. smaller, less known crypto currencies together with Bitcoin, you can also pay through the CoinPayments service; here, however, the Bitcoin-exclusive time bonus does not count. Finally, an SMS payment is also available.

  • Reseller

Filejoker premium accounts can also be activated by so-called resellers. These websites collaborating with Filejoker Premium Account often make the payment process easier for users from certain regions and under certain conditions, in rare cases even a little cheaper for the reseller. These resellers often support payment methods that Filejoker itself, often for security reasons, do not offer directly.

Affiliate Program

Like many other services of this kind, Filejoker Premium Account offers its own affiliate program. This has a rather transparent payment system, which is not common. Filejoker offers the option between Pay Per Download and Pay Per Sale. The former option means that the affiliate directly hits profits on every single download of an uploaded file. These amount to $5 per 1000 downloads. With the pay per sale system, however, the affiliate earns a share of every’sale’, profit indirectly generated by the downloads of the uploaded file. The rate for the PPS option is 65%.

In addition to one of these two options, affiliates at receive up to 3% of the profit of their referrals, i.e. users who have registered with a special affiliate link, as well as an additional 5% commission, a maximum of 15% if the affiliate has a website and links it to for advertising purposes. All affiliates receive a free premium account as a thank-you for their collaboration, which never needs to be renewed as long as they do not give up the affiliate service. A change of the affiliate plan from PPS to PPD or vice versa as well as a termination of the affiliate program is possible from 14 days after the last change.


As already mentioned, Filejoker focuses very much on security, both for data and users. Filejoker uses a complex encryption system that automatically encrypts each file on its servers and protects it against attacks and theft. The data traffic that Filejoker backs up in this way also includes all payment transactions – even those that do not run completely on Filejoker itself – as well as user and account details.

Buy Filejoker Premium Account


Filejoker Premium Account has been offering great deals with great features for a cloud storage company provider. They have been eager to ensure excellent customer service and smooth operation in all their systems. Filejoker Premium ensures secured payment options for all transaction and flexible methods.

It has the easiest registration process and simple program interface. With flexible terms when it comes to subscription, they are sure to offer and make sure what is best for their clients and customers.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and see the difference!

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